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Barge Jack-Up

Jack-up barges operate in the most demanding marine environments, including heavy seas, strong currents and large tidal ranges that make marine projects dangerous, if not impossible, when using conventional floating platform. One of Jack-Up Barge advantages - worldwide mobility via wet or dry delivery.
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Ref NoBrandModelYearCapacityPayloadLengthWidthLegsSpecsCommentsDetails
dc115120176.200 t3.000 t60m28m52mDepth - 4m
dc115019943600t35m30m50mGRT – 1.197t Depth – 4,5m Survey – 2C, Max 24 crew Legs – 4x 900t hydraulic jacking rams for each leg
dc114920121200t55m30m66mDepth – 4,5m
dc114820101500t50m29m66,6mDepth – 4,5m
dc114720163000t63m38mmin 78,6m + 13m extensionDepth – 6m
dc114420132200t42,5m21m52,5mDepth - 3,3m Jacking Speed - 25m/h Anchor - 2,1t x 4ea
dc1142-201035t12m12m18m extendable to 24mHull Height: 1.2m Deck Load: 5t/m2 Jacking System: Dual hydraulic cylinders
dc1141-Modular20151400t36,586m21,982m47mLifting Capacity - 1400 t (350 t x 4) Jacking System - Hydraulic Ram and Pin Type Jacking Speed - 12.00 m/hr Leg length (including spud can) – 48,5m Spud Can – 5,8 m x 4,3 m Leg Diameter – 1,5m
dc1140-Modular2014550t36,586m21,982m47mDeck Area - 650 m2 Deck Load - 5tons/m2 Lifting Type - Hydraulic (4 sets) Lifting Speed - 14 m/hr Leg length (including spud can) – 48,5m Leg diameter – 1,5m Spud can – 5,8m x 4,3m
dc1139-Modular20141420t36,6m24,4m58mMax. Deck Load in Elevated Position: 1,200 tonnes Max. Deck Point Load: 15 tons/m2 Spuds Length (each spud in 3 sections): 4 x 58.00 m 4 x 190 feet Diameter: 1.90 m 6 feet Max. Free Spud Length Underneath Hull: 48.00 m 157 feet
dc1138-19821200t37m21,35m40mGRT 724 NRT 217 DEPTH 3.05 m Diameter of legs - 1,8m Crane – Hubinsel derrick-winch Boom length – 35m Lifting capacity – 45t @ 25m
dc1133-Modular20121200t36,586m21,982m47mHeight: 2,896m Draft: 2m Leg length (including spud can): 47m (48,5m) Function load: 550t Deck area: 650m2 Deck load: 5t/m2
dc1132-Self Elevating Platform19862200t41m21m52,5mCrane capacity - 400t Depth – 3,3m Gross tonnage – 505t
dc1131-Combifloat C-5 series201480t18,3m12,2m27mPontoon depth - 1,53m Free length between spud foot and bottom S.E.P. - 22m Allowable deck point load - 15 ton/m2
dc1125-jack up barge201480t18m12m18mnew
dc1124-JACK-UP BARGE1994350t25m16.5m4Hull Dimension) (L×B×Dm) 25.0×16.5(20.0)×2.5 Machinery Equipment) 150 ton
dc1119-Jack up barge201480t18m12m18 x 1.1Pontoons 12.2 x 3.05 x 1.52 Jacking Units 2 x 1.7 x 1.7 Powerpack 2 x 1.5 x 1 Box of Hoses & Handrails etc 1 x 1 x 1 unused
dc1118-20131000t58m23m36m3,99m depth Leg length 36m extendable to 50m
dc1117-jack up barge19792000t3600t37,5m24,5m53mleg length 53mRebuilt 2011send request
dc1088-Jack-up Platform2009250t24m18m45mdeck strength 5t
dc1054-Jack-up barge1990100t21m14m22mwater depth 18 m; self-propelled
dc1053-Jack-up barge (self-propelled)1992200t29,9m11,9m33mmodular type. deckload 6 t/ m²; payload 100t; crane included
dc1052-Jack-up barge1970822t46m21m42mwater depth 32 m; can have two different cranes onboardsend request
dc1022-Self-elevating platform1973250t40,5m28,7m47mThe 100Ton electric crane has recently been refurbished and convrted into Hydraulic.