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Used mobile harbor cranes for sale at RODSON. We buy, we sell and deliver wide range of mobile harbor Cranes worldwide.

Harbor mobile cranes have performance, reliability, economy and mobility to benefit any port operation, large or small. Available in a wide range of lifting capacities and boom lengths, it offers flexible solutions for the most complex of cargo handling tasks. Available with lifting capacities of 100 to 600 meter-tonnes, the harbor mobiles are the right solution for small to large port facilities.

Please see below a list of available mobile harbor cranes or submit your request.
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Ref NoBrandModelYearCapacitySpecsCommentsDetails
eb1220FANTUZZIMHC 1302006100 tonCapacity (on hook) – 100 ton / 10-18m, 30 ton / 44m Running hours approx. – Crane 4.510 (1.300 diesel engine; 3.180 electrical engine) 2 rope configuration Cable reel on boom Rotator hook (remote controlled)
eb1147GOTTWALDHMK 260E2001100tcrane in travel mode (approx.) 17.2 m x 8.7 m heavy lift 100 t standard lift 45 t number of axles 5 steerable 5 driven 2
eb1204LIEBHERRLHM 13001994100tWorking hours - approx. 12.000 hours Diesel engine completely overhauled in 2015
eb1133GOTTWALDGottwald MHK 74082007100t2 rope operation
eb1223GOTTWALDHMK 64072011100tEngine – Cummins QST30G2Quantity – 2 units Working hours (1st / 2nd) – 1.571 / 1.519 hrs
eb1208GOTTWALDGHMK 64072007100tHours superstructure 12.251 Hours carrier 0
eb1184GOTTWALDHMK 74082007100tMax. radius - 51.0 m Min. radius - 11.0 m Generator Brand - Marelli Type - MJB 400 LAM 440 V / 60 Hz Diesel Engine Brand - Cummins Type - QST 30 G2 Total weight of crane in operational state with spreader - approx. 517.8 t Fixed counterweight - approx. 115.0 t Propping base - 13.0 m x 15.0 m
eb1190LIEBHERRLHM 500S2008100t2 rope operationWorking hours – approx. 8000
eb1203LIEBHERRLHM 13001994100tWorking hours - approx. 4.000 hours Card has been replaced in September 2015
eb1210LIEBHERRLHM 6002010104tMin to Max outreach – 12-58m Height of boom fulcrum – 30,6m Tower cabin height – 37,1m Total weight of the crane – 580t Spreader – Bromma / EH5-U2 units Working hours: 1st crane – 20.161 hrs, 2nd crane – 19.307 hrs
eb1149LIEBHERRLHM 3202000104t2 Rope Operation
eb1217LIEBHERRLHM 6002011104tSpreader – Bromma / EH5-U Working hours –13.310
eb1196LIEBHERRLHM 500S2008104t33,200 hours The hydraulics were recently refurbished and the structure recently repaired. Refurbished engine by Liebherr available in stock to be sold separately with the crane.
eb1130LIEBHERRLHM 400 ( 500 GENUINE HOURS )2007104t
eb1226LIEBHERRLHM 3201999104tOutreach – 11,5m - 43m Lifting height below ground max. – 15m Lifting height above ground max. – 30mEquipped for 2 rope operation with containers, 4 rope operation for bulk with grab Maintained regardless of costs, new engine motors, pumps, ropes ect. Working on containers operation now Excellent condition Working hours – 2400 hours only since new engines pumps and motors
eb1218LIEBHERRLHM 5502011104tSpreader – Bromma / EH5-U Working hours – 10.940 hrs
eb1132LIEBHERRLiebherr LHM 4002001104t2rope operation, 13,500 Genuine Hrs
eb1219LIEBHERRLHM 5002008104tWorking hours – 1.215 hrs
eb1222LIEBHERRLHM 5502012104t2 rope operation Complete with spreader Working hours – 600 hrs
eb1224LIEBHERRLHM 4001998104tMaximum outreach – 48m
eb1209LIEBHERRLHM 5002006104tMin to Max outreach – 11-51 m Height of boom fulcrum – 17,7m Tower cabin height: 1st cabin – 24m, 2nd cabin – on the base Total weight of the crane – 455 ton Spreader – Bromma / EH5-UWorking hours – 37.104 hrs
eb1225LIEBHERRLHM 5502013104tConfiguration – 2 ropes Max. radius – 54mWorking hours approx.. (1st / 2nd) – 450 hrs / 500 hrs Quantity – 2 units
eb1221LIEBHERRLHM 5502012104t2 rope operation Complete with spreader Working hours – 400 hrs
eb1197LIEBHERRLHM 500S2009104t27,150 hours Brand new Hydraulics as just refurbished.
eb1126LIEBHERRLHM 400G2006104t4 Rope Grab Operation