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Cranes for sale, used and new, from the best brands: DEMAG cranes, FAVCO, GOTTWALD, GROVE, KOBELCO, KROLL, KRUPP, LIEBHERR, MANITOWOC, PEINER, POTAIN, TADANO.

The cranes and crane heavy equipment offered by Rodson Universal can be used in industrial and civil construction and maintenance, excavation works, steel erection, freight loading and unloading and installation of industrial equipment.

Rodson Uneversal headed by Connie Sullivan is 35 years market leader in worldwide trading of used heavy cranes and offshore marine and port equipment. Rodson Universal is able to organise for our buyers dismantling, transport, shipping, commissioning anywhere in the world. On our web site you can find the widest selection of late model low hours excellent equipment available for sale at best prices.
Rodson Uneversal equipment can be found in following categories:
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Ref NoTypeBrandModelYearCapacitySpecsCommentsDetails
ac2830Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC680020091250tCounterweight – 390t Superlift Working hours – 4500 hrs
ac2829Crane CrawlerPTC351600t
ac2828Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC2800-12004600tLF12 fixed jib for wind erection
ac2827Crane CrawlerLIEBHERRLR 16001982530 MT at 100m hook height and 20 m radius.
ac2826Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC2400-12006400tRigged for wind turbine erectionWorking hours – approx. 2000-3000h each 2 units
ac2825Crane CrawlerLIEBHERRLR17502014750tDerrick: 31.5m with counterweight frame B for max. 400ton counterweight (Derrick counterweight not included) Hook: 400/200t, 107t, 47tWorking Hours : about 370 hours (no working, just tested at the yard)
ac2824Crane CrawlerSENNEBOGEN6180 R-HD2006180t
ac2820Crane CrawlerKOBELCOSL60002008600tFull Spec.
ac2816Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC8800-120091600tFull Spec & Ballast Wagon. (1100 Hours)
ac2815Crane CrawlerMANITOWOC3100020132500tFull Spec & Ballast Wagon. (Engine1-1867Hours. Engine2:1827Hours)
ac2813Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC 28002002600t
ac2812Crane CrawlerMANITOWOC160002007400tCrane has maxser and included the price
ac2810Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC8800-120071600tSWSL
ac2809Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC 4800-31986800tmain boom series 3
ac2808Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC 4800-219881250t42m.superlift mast.
ac2807Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC 4800-219891250t
ac2806Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC 640019941000t
ac2804Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC28002003600t
ac2803Crane CrawlerMANITOWOC2100019991000tfull spec
ac2795Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC28001998660tsuper lift tray +super lift balast wagonsend request
ac2789Crane CrawlerDEMAG2800-12007600tSSL,SFSL,SWSL
ac2779Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC2200/12005350tSuperlift / mast 30 meter – with superlift tray
ac2763Crane CrawlerKOBELCOCKE25002005250tHooks: 150t/100/13.5t ball
ac2759Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC26001997500tsuperlift attachment with tray (excl. SL cwt)
ac2740Crane CrawlerKOBELCOCKE4000C2008400t