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Cranes for sale, used and new, from the best brands: DEMAG cranes, FAVCO, GOTTWALD, GROVE, KOBELCO, KROLL, KRUPP, LIEBHERR, MANITOWOC, PEINER, POTAIN, TADANO.

The cranes and crane heavy equipment offered by Rodson Universal can be used in industrial and civil construction and maintenance, excavation works, steel erection, freight loading and unloading and installation of industrial equipment.

Rodson Uneversal headed by Connie Sullivan is 35 years market leader in worldwide trading of used heavy cranes and offshore marine and port equipment. Rodson Universal is able to organise for our buyers dismantling, transport, shipping, commissioning anywhere in the world. On our web site you can find the widest selection of late model low hours excellent equipment available for sale at best prices.
Rodson Uneversal equipment can be found in following categories:
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Ref NoTypeBrandModelYearCapacitySpecsCommentsDetails
aa2633Crane TelescopicManotti ARM 850201385tWorking hours – 2366 hrs
ad1357Crane TowerVM13001978Tower – 76m
aa2632Crane TelescopicManotti ARM 850201285tWorking hours – 2267 hrs
aa2446Crane TelescopicTADANOATF220-G52008220t
ac2583Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC25002006500tSL with tray but without counterweight
aa2644Crane TelescopicDEMAGAC 200-1 P2005240 tCounterweight – 69t Winches – 2, Hooks – 3Mileage – 74960 km Working hours (lower / upper) – 4.442 / 16.987 hrs
ac2806Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC 640019941000t
ac2807Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC 4800-219891250t
ab1192Crane MechanicalDEMAGPC 960019921000tSuperlift backmast – 56m
ac2808Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC 4800-219881250t42m.superlift mast.
aa2574Crane TelescopicDEMAGAC12001993400tKms: 40.117
ac2809Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC 4800-31986800tmain boom series 3
aa2187Crane TelescopicDEMAGAC3002000300t
ac2810Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC8800-120071600tSWSL
ac2566Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC15002003300tset up for luffer but not equipped
ac2831Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC2800-12009600tWorking hours – 8411 hrs Complete with two sets of tracks Equipped with the Quadro drive
aa2222Crane TelescopicDEMAGAC200-12006200t
ac2813Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC 28002002600t
ac2728Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC2500-12008Hooks 400t(2 x 200t), 150t, 15t
ac2397Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC28001999600tfully equipped, version SSL
ac2846Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC680020061200tSuperlift – 40.5m SL mast + tray, no SL counterweights
ac2839Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC680020141250tWorking hours – +/- 915 hrs
ac2830Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC680020091250tCounterweight – 390t Superlift Working hours – 4500 hrs
ac2428Crane CrawlerDEMAGCC2800-12004600tHours 7.560
ab1188Crane MechanicalDEMAGTC28002008600tSuperlift: 30m