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Dry docks are used for the construction, maintenance, and repair of ships, boats, and other water craft.
A floating dry dock (sometimes dry-dock or drydock) is a type of pontoon for dry docking ships, possessing floodable buoyancy chambers and a "U"-shaped cross-section. The walls are used to give the dry dock stability when the floor or deck is below the surface of the water. When valves are opened, the chambers fill with water, causing the dry dock to float lower in the water. The deck becomes submerged and this allows a ship to be moved into position inside. When the water is pumped out of the chambers, the dry dock rises and the ship is lifted out of the water on the rising deck, allowing work to proceed on the ship's hull.
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Ref NoBrandModelYearCapacityLengthWidthInside widthSpecsCommentsDetails
dh1236200680.000 t336m75m62mGRT – 77.808 Length of apron deck – 361,5m Clear width – 59m
dh1235200713.200 t72m48,64m38,64mDepth – 28m Crane – 30t x 9m, 9 ton x 42m (HYD) 2 sets
dh123419878400t61m43m34mGRT / DWT – 5565t / 8400t Deck - 4,5m Draft (Design) - 4,3m Draft (High) - 23m Draft (Max) - 26,5m
dh1233197572.321t274,32m79,25m67,06mDepth of Pontoon at Centerline - approx 9,91m Max Draft - approx 1,98m Keel Blocks - approx 10,67m Crane - 1 x 50 tons
dh123119705000 t126,7 m22,4 mLength of blocks - 115 m Nr. 2 crane - 3 tons
dh1230195912.000t176.5 m32.8 m25.6 mRe-built - 1994 Pontoon length - 165.5 m Immersion capacity - 12.2 m
dh122919869000 TLC123m34m21.3mDWT – 13.000 t Cranes: 12 ton x 35m x 2 sets; 10 ton x 30 m x 2 sets
dh12281960140m22.5mGRT – 4537t NRT – 1345t
dh1220-Jack-up type2009600t85,34m16,7mDepth – 2,44 / 1,8 m Leg length – 36m Draft (max) – 4m Max operational water depth – 20m Deck load max – 4t / m2
dh1214-200311000t62m50m42mDepth: 26,5m GRT: 6,497.00Ton
dh1210-floating dock198612000t123m34m27mLifting Capacity - Average 10,000 tons / Max 15,000 tons
dh1208-4000Ton Floating Dock20094000t64,6m28,6mFull Spec.
dh1158-Floating dock20135000t111,25m30m