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Rodson Uneversal headed by Connie Sullivan is 35 years market leader in worldwide trading of used heavy cranes and offshore marine and port equipment. Rodson Universal is able to organise for our buyers dismantling, transport, shipping, commissioning anywhere in the world. On our web site you can find the widest selection of late model low hours excellent equipment available for sale at best prices.
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Split, submersible and container barges are used mainly in transportation of cargo equipment. Accommodation and jack-up barges are serving offshore construction industry. We offer you pedestal cranes, crane ships and floating cranes, they are usually used in bridge construction, or big offshore construction projects, because of great lifting capabilities. The most common purpose of marine equipment is serving oil & gas industries, offshore construction and maintenance.

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Ref NoTypeBrandModelYearCapacitySpecsCommentsDetails
dg1321Crane FloatingMANITOWOC317tCrane Make Manitowoc Maximum lifting capacity main hoist 317 ton Maximum lifting capacity with yoke frame 250 (2x 125) ton Maximum capacity auxiliary hoist 12.8 ton Available boom length 61 m Minimum draft 1.10 m Maximum draft 3.80 m
dn1106Barge AccommodationLength overall - 72,2m Length of pontoons - 68,6m Breadth overall - 29m Breadth pontoons - 7,3m Estimated gross tonnage - 3962t
dk1030Crane Pedestal-AHC offshore pedestal crane100tsend request
dc1052Barge Jack-Up-Jack-up barge1970water depth 32 m; can have two different cranes onboardsend request
dg1336Crane FloatingDEMAGFloating Crane 200t1970200tDepth – 4.7 m Operation draft – F 0.9 → 3.4 m; A 3.2 → 1.2 m Capacity – 200 t @ 47 m, 135 t @ 26.5 m Aux. capacity – 25 t @ 50m above W/L and 28.5 m in front of pontoon
dc1022Barge Jack-Up-Self-elevating platform1973The 100Ton electric crane has recently been refurbished and convrted into Hydraulic.
dk1009Crane PedestalDEMAGMPC12001974250t
dc1117Barge Jack-Up-jack up barge19792000tleg length 53mRebuilt 2011send request
dk1043Crane PedestalGOTTWALDMK150019801550t
dc1138Barge Jack-Up-19821200tGRT 724 NRT 217 DEPTH 3.05 m Diameter of legs - 1,8m Crane – Hubinsel derrick-winch Boom length – 35m Lifting capacity – 45t @ 25m
dl0007Crane ShipLIEBHERRBOS 40001984100tLast modified, updated & overhauled: 2003
dl0003Crane ShipLIEBHERRBOS 4000/1001984100Motor: ABB motors Main hoisting gear at min. radius: 13,0 metres Main hoisting gear at max. radius: 45,0 metres Auxiliary hoisting gear at min. radius: 14,5 metres Auxiliary hoisting gear at max. radius: 60,0 metresLast modified, updated and overhauled in 2003
dc1132Barge Jack-Up-Self Elevating Platform19862200tCrane capacity - 400t Depth – 3,3m Gross tonnage – 505t
dc1054Barge Jack-Up-Jack-up barge1990water depth 18 m; self-propelled
dl0016Crane ShipLIEBHERRGantry mounted ships container handling cranes199145
dl0017Crane ShipLIEBHERRGantry mounted ships container handling cranes199245t
dc1053Barge Jack-Up-Jack-up barge (self-propelled)1992modular type. deckload 6 t/ m²; payload 100t; crane included
dk1032Crane PedestalDEMAGPC9600 (TEREX)19921000tFull Spec.
dc1124Barge Jack-Up-JACK-UP BARGE1994Hull Dimension) (L×B×Dm) 25.0×16.5(20.0)×2.5 Machinery Equipment) 150 ton
dc1150Barge Jack-Up1994GRT – 1.197t Depth – 4,5m Survey – 2C, Max 24 crew Legs – 4x 900t hydraulic jacking rams for each leg
dl0006Crane ShipHYDRALIFTA-Frame1997200tOverall width 14,04 m Inside opening 8,99 m Total height 17,96 m Free height (vertical position) 13 m Approx total weight 110 ton HPU voltage 440 Volt 60 hz
dl0015Crane Ship200157tPower supply - 60 Hz 440 v generates with 3406 caterpillar engineThere are two(2) units
de1015Barge Submersible-Outfitted as Floating Drydock ,200220000tOutfitted as Floating Drydock : 2010 USA
de1017Barge SubmersibleSemi-submersible, designed to work side by side2002Gross Tonnage - 18,677.0 Tons Net Tonnage - 5,603.0 Tons Gross Tonnage - 18,677.0 Tons Net Tonnage - 5,603.0 Tons2 units
dk1027Crane PedestalLIEBHERRBOS 400/6500 Offshore Pedestal Crane2003400t