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Rodson Uneversal headed by Connie Sullivan is 35 years market leader in worldwide trading of used heavy cranes and offshore marine and port equipment. Rodson Universal is able to organise for our buyers dismantling, transport, shipping, commissioning anywhere in the world. On our web site you can find the widest selection of late model low hours excellent equipment available for sale at best prices.
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Port cranes, as well as other port equipment, is serving port and terminal industry, providing material handling solutions, loading and unloading cargo vessels.

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Ref NoTypeBrandModelYearCapacitySpecsCommentsDetails
em1002Transtainer Rail MountedNOELLRail mounted gantry cranes 4 units1997send request
em0002Transtainer Rail Mounted-Taim-A199230,5tInstalled – 2002 Capacity (under hook) – 40t Stacking capacity under crane – 12+1 wide, 6+1 high Height (from the bridge to the ground) – 29 m Weight – 268t
em0001Transtainer Rail Mounted-200935tStacking capacity - 6+1 Wide, 3 High Total weight of the crane including the mechanical and electrical structural steel parts and spreader crossbeam - 245 t Motor Main hoist Type - 1PH7284-0
ej0010Ro-Ro EquipmentKONESMV 4531 TB5 Reachstackers201145tEngine – Scania DC 1370A00Quantity – 2 units Working hours (1st/2nd) – 1.721 hrs / 1.759 hrs
ej0009Ro-Ro EquipmentTerminal Tractor SISU TTCLIAI199560t18 units Type of equipment - Terminal Tractor (Prime Mover)
ej0008Ro-Ro EquipmentKALMARTerminal Tractor200260t4 units Type of equipment – Terminal Tractors
ej0007Ro-Ro EquipmentTerminal Tractor Ferrari200460t8 Units Type of equipment - Terminal Tractor (Prime Mover)
ej0006Ro-Ro EquipmentTerminal Tractor Ferrari200460tType of equipment - Terminal Tractor (Prime Mover) - Heavy duty 4 x 4
ej0005Ro-Ro EquipmentKALMARTerminal Tractor200975t (G.C.W)5 units Type of equipment - Terminal Tractor (Prime Mover)
ej0004Ro-Ro EquipmentTerminal Trailer Atlas200960tType of equipment – Terminal Trailer (45’)
ej0003Ro-Ro EquipmentTerminal Trailer Atlas200360t4 Units Type of equipment – Terminal Trailer (45’)
ej0002Ro-Ro EquipmentTerminal Trailer Atlas Houcon200460t8 Units Type of equipment – Terminal Trailer (45’)
eg1006Crane CargoGOTTWALDAK 1000S1994300
eg1005Crane CargoDELATTRE LEVIVIER197660t60 ton at 12,5 m 36 ton at 50 m
eg1004Crane Cargo-Caillard197826tRailspan - 10m 26t @ 25m 15t @ 31,5m Weight –: 212 t Min. radius – 9m Height hook – 23m (constant) Height passage under crane – 5,5m 10.000 running hours
eg1003Crane CargoNELCON2 Rail Mounted Quay Cranes199030tFull Spec.
eg1002Crane CargoKONE2 units Kone cargo cranes197832t
ef1072Specialized Ship Unloading SystemsShip Loader Telestack TS-1242 Radial Telescopic20111200 TPH (TS-1242) @ 1.6T/m3Stockpile Capacity – Conical stockpile – 6,200 Tons (manual) Stockpile Capacity: @ 1o - 261 Tons @ 90o – 32,530 Tons @ 120o – 40,320 Tons @ 270o – 79,589 Tons Lump Size – 200mm Feed-in Height – 3.74MWorking hours – 1000 hrs
ef1071Specialized Ship Unloading SystemsShip Loader Panamax NK Tehnologija20131500 TPHMaximum vessel deadweight – 70.000 tons Cargo type – mineral fertilizers (KCI, (NH4)2SO4 etc) Bulk density of cargo – 0,72-1,20 t/cu.m Granulation – 0-20 mmBrand new Zero hours
ef1070Specialized Ship Unloading SystemsPanamax Pneumatic Grain Ship unloader300-380 TPHBoom – 24m Bob Cat hoist – 2 tons capacitySelf-Propelled gantry on rubber tires Telescoping pipes horizontal and vertical pipes Heavy duty Positive Displacement blowers Bag filter with reverse pulse cleaners Large diameter Airlock Pipe nozzle will clear vessel side rail, 12.5 m height from ground level Panamax vessels OK 10-Unloads grain to two dust billows for two truck loading stations
ef1067Specialized Ship Unloading SystemsSIWERTELLGantry mounded with rail wheels19971500 tph- For ships up to 100.000 dwt - Gantry mounded with rail wheels, rail span 19.5m - Total weight including counterweight 755 tons
ef1065Specialized Ship Unloading SystemsMANTSINEN200 R20083.800 hours
ef1064Specialized Ship Unloading Systems-Continuous Ship Unloader3000 TPHIron ore - 3000 TPH Coal - 2100 TPH
ef1060Specialized Ship Unloading SystemsSIWERTELLship unloader1999700 tons per hourPower. 700 Kw. Weight. Net 203 tons plus 80 tons counterweight. Capacity Material Density tons/m3 Capacity tons/h Max capacity Comments owner Slag 1.20 450 500 Grain 0.75 700 800 500 Sand 1.30 400 450 200 not recommendable Cement 1.00 800 900 600 Fertilizer 1.00 400 450
ef1057Specialized Ship Unloading SystemsSOBEMAIShip Equilibrium Unloader Sobemai200455tCapacity with grab – 1000 TPH