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Rodson Uneversal headed by Connie Sullivan is 35 years market leader in worldwide trading of used heavy cranes and offshore marine and port equipment. Rodson Universal is able to organise for our buyers dismantling, transport, shipping, commissioning anywhere in the world. On our web site you can find the widest selection of late model low hours excellent equipment available for sale at best prices.
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Port cranes, as well as other port equipment, is serving port and terminal industry, providing material handling solutions, loading and unloading cargo vessels.

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Ref NoTypeBrandModelYearCapacitySpecsCommentsDetails
eb1220Crane Mobile HarbourFANTUZZIMHC 1302006100 tonCapacity (on hook) – 100 ton / 10-18m, 30 ton / 44m Running hours approx. – Crane 4.510 (1.300 diesel engine; 3.180 electrical engine) 2 rope configuration Cable reel on boom Rotator hook (remote controlled)
eb1219Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 5002008104tWorking hours – 1.215 hrs
eb1218Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 5502011104tSpreader – Bromma / EH5-U Working hours – 10.940 hrs
eb1217Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 6002011104tSpreader – Bromma / EH5-U Working hours –13.310
eb1216Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 150200240t4 rope configurationWorking hours - 8000 hrs
eb1215Crane Mobile HarbourTEREXMHC51502011150tHook capacity t 150/100/60/40/20/10/0 Single-winch version (2 ropes) 1x150 t Total axles number 7 Boom length m 51,5 Rope number n. 2 7 steering axles - 3 axles are steering and driving too - 4 axles are steering only Crane total weight kg 441.500Working hours - 6500 hrs
eb1214Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 150200740tWorking hours – 6170 hrs
eb1213Crane Mobile HarbourFANTUZZI/TEREXMHC 65201140tBoom – 35m Counterweight – 40t 2 rope configurationWorking hours – 2000 hrs
eb1211Crane Mobile HarbourGOTTWALDHMK 140 EG199420t
eb1210Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 6002010104tMin to Max outreach – 12-58m Height of boom fulcrum – 30,6m Tower cabin height – 37,1m Total weight of the crane – 580t Spreader – Bromma / EH5-U2 units Working hours: 1st crane – 20.161 hrs, 2nd crane – 19.307 hrs
eb1209Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 5002006104tMin to Max outreach – 11-51 m Height of boom fulcrum – 17,7m Tower cabin height: 1st cabin – 24m, 2nd cabin – on the base Total weight of the crane – 455 ton Spreader – Bromma / EH5-UWorking hours – 37.104 hrs
eb1208Crane Mobile HarbourGOTTWALDGHMK 64072007100tHours superstructure 12.251 Hours carrier 0
eb1206Crane Mobile HarbourSENNEBOGEN6120 HMC77tBoom length – 25-43m Total weight – 150t Engine – Deutz 400 kW at 1900 rpm
eb1204Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 13001994100tWorking hours - approx. 12.000 hours Diesel engine completely overhauled in 2015
eb1203Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 13001994100tWorking hours - approx. 4.000 hours Card has been replaced in September 2015
eb1201Crane Mobile HarbourGOTTWALDHMK 280 E199920t2 rope operationWorking hours: - Diesel engine: 34.845 hrs. - Pumps: 35.097 hrs. - Elevation system: 18.699 hrs. - Gyro system: 14.217 hrs.
eb1200Crane Mobile HarbourGOTTWALDHMK 60199920tScope ofsupply: • power pack 110 kW • winch 2 x 10t • supporting base 7.5m x 6.5m • protective coat/painting • Traverse SWL 20tWorking hours – approx. 18000
eb1197Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 500S2009104t27,150 hours Brand new Hydraulics as just refurbished.
eb1196Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 500S2008104t33,200 hours The hydraulics were recently refurbished and the structure recently repaired. Refurbished engine by Liebherr available in stock to be sold separately with the crane.
eb1195Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 1200198747,5t2 rope configurationWorking hours – approx. 15.510 Complete with Bromma automatic container spreader
eb1193Crane Mobile HarbourGOTTWALDHMK 120199140tNumber of axles – 3Working hours – approx. 20.000
eb1192Crane Mobile HarbourGOTTWALDHMK 120199340tNumber of axles – 4Working hours – approx. 20.000
eb1191Crane Mobile HarbourGOTTWALDHMK 60 HG199920t
eb1190Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 500S2008100t2 rope operationWorking hours – approx. 8000
eb1189Crane Mobile HarbourLIEBHERRLHM 1080198715,8 tMaximum working radius: 33 m Engine: Mercedes 320 kWHours: 12000