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Rodson Uneversal headed by Connie Sullivan is 35 years market leader in worldwide trading of used heavy cranes and offshore marine and port equipment. Rodson Universal is able to organise for our buyers dismantling, transport, shipping, commissioning anywhere in the world. On our web site you can find the widest selection of late model low hours excellent equipment available for sale at best prices.
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Port cranes, as well as other port equipment, is serving port and terminal industry, providing material handling solutions, loading and unloading cargo vessels.

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Ref NoTypeBrandModelYearCapacitySpecsCommentsDetails
ee1073Transtainer Rubber TyredSAMSUNG199440tone over 4 high8 units
ee1071Transtainer Rubber TyredZPMC201040tone over 5 high3 units
ee1078Transtainer Rubber TyredKALMAR200640.6 tStacking capacity – 9+1 wide, 5+1 high Engine – ScaniaWorking hours – 3500
ea1091Crane ContainerHYUNDAI200250tOut reach:33 m Back reach:15 mHoist: 8990 hours Trolley: 6445 hours Gantry: 2434 hours Boom: 150 hours
ea1096Crane ContainerNELCON199874t2 units
ea1092Crane ContainerSAMSUNG200645tOut reach:33 m Back reach:10 mHoist: 8745 hours Trolley: 6259 hours Gantry: 2223 hours Boom: 140 hours
em0001Transtainer Rail Mounted-200935tStacking capacity - 6+1 Wide, 3 High Total weight of the crane including the mechanical and electrical structural steel parts and spreader crossbeam - 245 t Motor Main hoist Type - 1PH7284-0
ea1095Crane ContainerLIEBHERR198841t under spreader52t without spreader Max high under spreader – 29,5m, 15m blew quay Outreach from rail – 39,5m Max crane length buffer to buffer – 29,4m
ee1076Transtainer Rubber TyredKALMAR200650t7+1 wide 5+1 high Can be dismantled for shipment
ee1075Transtainer Rubber TyredKALMAR199940tRailspan – 23m
ee1077Transtainer Rubber TyredTEREX40.6 tHeight – 1 over 5 containers Width – 6 rows plus 1 truck lane Container sizes – 20/40 ft Crane track width – 23.47 m Clearance between Legs – 22.15 m Total Width of Crane – 25.50 m Lifting Height (Clearance under Twistlocks) – 18.10 m Total Height of Crane – approx. 25.60 mQuantity – 2 units
ea1090Crane ContainerHYUNDAI199650tOut/Back Reach 37.00/14.00 m Weight 761 tons Hoist Speed Full/Empty 55.0/120.0 min/h Height Above/UnderRail 28.00/12.00 m Capacity Under Spreader/Hook 40.60/50.60 tonsThere are 4 units
ea1098Crane Container201050tTwo (2) units
ea1103Crane Container500 kNCapacity on spreader – 450 kN Capacity on hook – 500 kN Crane weight without spreader - 490 tons2 units
ea1102Crane ContainerNELCON198260tOutreach – 38m Backreach – 21m
ea1093Crane ContainerSAMSUNG200645tOut reach:33 m Back reach:10 mHoist: 1199 hours Trolley: 1063 hours Gantry: 344 hours Boom: 27 hours
ea1071Crane Container PAN UNITED16-row Post Panamax200140,6tLifting Height Above Wharf - 34m Lifting Height Below Wharf - 16m Clearance between RHS & LHS Gantry Legs - 17m Backreach from Land Side Wheel Centre - 20 m Outreach from Sea Side Wheel Centre - 47 m Boom Length - 50.73 m Total Crane Weight - 1050t Drive Type - Siemens Simovert3 units
ea1072Crane Container PAN UNITED18-row Post Panamax200240,6tLifting Height Above Wharf - 34m Lifting Height Below Wharf - 16m Clearance between RHS & LHS Gantry Legs - 17m Backreach from Land Side Wheel Centre - 20m Outreach from Sea Side Wheel Centre - 53m Boom Length - 56.73m Total Crane Weight – 1100t Drive Type - Siemens Simovert6 units
eg1003Crane CargoNELCON2 Rail Mounted Quay Cranes199030tFull Spec.
eg1002Crane CargoKONE2 units Kone cargo cranes197832t
ef1065Specialized Ship Unloading SystemsMANTSINEN200 R20083.800 hours
eb1206Crane Mobile HarbourSENNEBOGEN6120 HMC77tBoom length – 25-43m Total weight – 150t Engine – Deutz 400 kW at 1900 rpm
eb1228Crane Mobile HarbourSENNEBOGEN6180 HMC199987,8 tonConfiguration – 2 rope double hookWorking hours – 8.900 hrs
ef1056Specialized Ship Unloading SystemsIBAU800 TPH Self Propelled Mobile Rubber Tired200860t60 000 DWT class
eg1006Crane CargoGOTTWALDAK 1000S1994300