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Rodson Uneversal headed by Connie Sullivan is 35 years market leader in worldwide trading of used heavy cranes and offshore marine and port equipment. Rodson Universal is able to organise for our buyers dismantling, transport, shipping, commissioning anywhere in the world. On our web site you can find the widest selection of late model low hours excellent equipment available for sale at best prices.
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All offered equipment is designed to provide better shipbuilding and repairing services. This shipyard machinery could also be used on construction sites or production factories, for example, gantry cranes or shipyard trailers.

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Ref NoTypeBrandModelYearCapacitySpecsCommentsDetails
dh1234Dock Floating19878400tGRT / DWT – 5565t / 8400t Deck - 4,5m Draft (Design) - 4,3m Draft (High) - 23m Draft (Max) - 26,5m
dh1231Dock Floating19705000 tLength of blocks - 115 m Nr. 2 crane - 3 tons
dh1236Dock Floating200680.000 tGRT – 77.808 Length of apron deck – 361,5m Clear width – 59m
fa1057Gantry OverheadKONE199420tYear – 1994, rebuild in 2002Gensets working hours: 1. Genset PERKIN 60 KVA - 1,122 hrs 2. Genset PERKIN 60 KVA - 1,988 hrs Two units
dh1229Dock Floating19869000 TLCDWT – 13.000 t Cranes: 12 ton x 35m x 2 sets; 10 ton x 30 m x 2 sets
dh1230Dock Floating195912.000tRe-built - 1994 Pontoon length - 165.5 m Immersion capacity - 12.2 m
dh1228Dock Floating1960GRT – 4537t NRT – 1345t
dh1232Dock Floating200615.000t
dh1235Dock Floating200713.200 tDepth – 28m Crane – 30t x 9m, 9 ton x 42m (HYD) 2 sets
fa1058Gantry OverheadDEMAG201380tGensets working hours: 1. Genset CUMMINS 175 KVA - 2,525 hrs 2. Genset CUMMINS 175 KVA - 2,603 hrs 3. Genset CUMMINS 175 KVA - 3,195 hrs 4. Genset CUMMINS 175 KVA - 2,736 hrs Four(4) units
dh1214Dock Floating-200311000tDepth: 26,5m GRT: 6,497.00Ton
dh1233Dock Floating197572.321tDepth of Pontoon at Centerline - approx 9,91m Max Draft - approx 1,98m Keel Blocks - approx 10,67m Crane - 1 x 50 tons
fa1056Gantry OverheadKONE2001300t
fc1048Trailer Shipyard-150t.Flat top, shipyard trailer,chinise build.2011150t
fc1049Trailer Shipyard-200 TONS 4 AXLES NEW FLAT TOP SHIPYARD TRAILERS,Ch2011200t
fc1056Trailer ShipyardMANITOWOC3 X CTW400 & 1 CTW500 Crawler Transporters2012500tCrawler Transporters
fc1050Trailer Shipyard-320 TONS , NEW FLAT TOP SHIPYARD TRAILERS,Chinese2011320t
fc1138Trailer Shipyard-320Ton Shipyard Transporter2014320tFull Spec
fc1054Trailer ShipyardMANITOWOC4 units CTW20122000t1 x CTW 500 and 3 x CTW 400send request
dh1208Dock Floating-4000Ton Floating Dock20094000tFull Spec.
fb1055Crane ShipyardGOTTWALDAK 1000S1994300
fc1032Trailer Shipyard-DAFANG Shipyard trailer DCYB 1252008125tself-propelled
dh1210Dock Floating-floating dock198612000tLifting Capacity - Average 10,000 tons / Max 15,000 tons
dh1158Dock Floating-Floating dock20135000t
fb1051Crane Shipyard-HANJIN Jib Crane198560t