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We offer heavy duty multi-directional steering modular trailers with over heavy cargo transportation.
A self-propelled modular transporter or sometimes self-propelled modular trailer (SPMT) is a platform vehicle with a large array of wheels. SPMTs are used for transporting massive objects such as large bridge sections, oil refining equipment, motors and other objects that are too big or heavy for trucks. SPMTs allow to significantly reducing onsite construction time, by delivering large prefabricated constructions offsite.

Please see below a list of available Modular Trailers for sale.
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Ref NoBrandModelYearCapacityAxlesSpecsCommentsDetails
bg1140GOLDHOFERPST/SL200736t per axle12 (2x6)2 units Goldhofer 6-line PST/SL 6-12x08 2 units Goldhofer Powerpack PFV-430/60-6 Goldhofer PST/SL 6-lines 6135km Goldhofer PST/SL 6-lines 5550km Goldhofer SP powerpack 3000hrs Goldhofer SP powerpack 3011hrs
bg1136SCHEUERLE198430t per axle, 1560t total52 (4 x 6 axles, 7 x 4 axles)SPMT 6-liner MKP 180.6.2 (4 units total) - 24 axles total SPMT 4-liner MKP 120.4.2 (7 units total) - 28 axles total Scheuerle Powerpack 12 cylinder - 1 unit Scheuerle Powerpack 8 cylinder - 3 units
bg1135GOLDHOFERTHP / SL 16 Lines200816Full Spec.
bg1062KIROWShipyard trailer 3 units2001880t