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Transtainer Rubber Tyred

A rubber tyred gantry crane (RTG crane) (also transtainer) is a mobile gantry crane used for stacking intermodal containers within the stacking areas of a container terminal.
A rubber tyred transtainers are used at container terminals and container storage yards to straddle multiple lanes of rail/road and container storage, or when maximum storage density in the container stack is desired.
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Ref NoBrandModelYearCapacitySpecsCommentsDetails
ee1076KALMAR200650t7+1 wide 5+1 high Can be dismantled for shipment
ee1075KALMAR199940tRailspan – 23m
ee1074KALMARRTG 402518-8L-2040C200840tLift height - 4 + 1 high cube Gage (span) - 25,5m Over-all length including stairs fences (max) - 28,62m Clearance inside span (min) - 24,25m2 units
ee1073SAMSUNG199440tone over 4 high8 units
ee1072ZPMC200640tone over 5 high2 units
ee1071ZPMC201040tone over 5 high3 units
ee1068ZPMCRTG199740tStacking capacity under crane - 6+1 wide, 5 high Crane track width - 23,47m Clearance between legs - 21,52m Trolley cross traveling distance - 19m Total width of crane approx - 26,02m Width of Container stacking block. - 16,14m (6 containers across) Lifting height approx(clearance under twist lock) - 17,75m Total height of crane - 25,18mThere are two(2) units
ee1067MHIRTG199740t Eight(8) Rubber Tired Diesel Electric Powered Gantry Type Traveling Crane Rated capacity under spreader - 40.0 ton Wide for stacking container 5+1 Height for stacking container 4+1 Lifting height under spreader (min.) - 15.24 m Gauge (Span) - 23.47 m Clear width (leg inside) - 21.27 m Trolley travel range - 18.77 m Wheel base - 6.4 m Trolley travel - 70 m/min Gantry travel - 135 m/min Spreader - 205 / 40* Telescopic Power supply - Self contained diesel electric Diesel generator Make - CUMMINS / LEROY SOMER Model - KTA19-G3 / LSA L8 there are three units
ee1066NOELLRTG 2 UNITS200841t